The Waste Contractors & Recyclers Association of Queensland (Inc) represents all private sector and corporatized contractors whose core business activity in Queensland is contracting to provide essential waste and recycling services including:


  • Solid and Liquid waste management, collection and disposalWCRAQ_qld_map resized with border
  • Recycling of waste materials, including Kerbside collected recyclables, used timber products, waste used tyres, ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Secondary Reprocessing of commercial and industrial as well as construction and demolition waste streams
  • Operating of transfer stations, landfills including state of the art “Bio Reactors” and “Land Banks”.
  • Operating renewable power generation plants
  • Our Membership – Exceeds 80 companies statewide.  Greater than 50% of the membership employs fewer than 20 staff.
  • Our Statistics – Member assets exceed $1 billion invested or managed, we employ more than 5,700 Queenslanders, recycle or reprocess in excess of 3 million tonnes annually, with total waste and recyclables either collected, transported, controlled, recycled, reprocessed and disposed exceeding 6.8 million tonnes per annum.

Website for Timber Flooring Melbourne Strategies for Beginners

Without really knowing it, all of us utilize timber on a daily basis. It is seen in our house, floors, furniture and roofing. Most institutional investors, pension funds and hedge funds have been invested in timber because it goes with a long-term growth asset. This may be observed for decades too. Needless to say, learning more about timber flooring Melbourne is a good idea. This will not be popular for nothing. There are manufacturers out there who use recycled wood as the top layer for it. This will add strength to your flooring. It will also increase its durability. There are websites that may assist starters for this. Check them out!

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The Advantages of Strategizing Timber Wood Flooring for Starters

This kind of flooring may be learned for the perks and advantages it brings. What may be expected?

  • Timber wood flooring is firmer. It can be assured that it is durable and stable all at the same time. It will last long.
  • There is no longer a need to go for top nailing. This is how it has been for solid boards because they have always been wider in length. They are also easy to install.
  • Picking from a wide array of pre-finished colors and treatments that will match existing interior setup will happen. This is a chance that may be enjoyed by the owners. There are also designs available.
  • Support to the environment may also be extended because of minimal emission of VOC.
  • Pre-finished product is way easier to install.
  • The installation cost is affordable.


The whole concrete slab should be sound structurally. It must not contain moisture that is going to exceed 5.5% of it. It should not also level above 3mm. This should be observed in a 3 meter radius. It should also be cleaned from adhesives, dust and paint.


Maintenance of Timber Oiled Floors

To ensure that this kind of investment will be of long term use, it is vital to take care of it of course. This should start the moment the flooring has been installed. This is probably the technique not only beginners should do, but also every owner who wants to maximize the value of their property.


After installing, there are simple tips that need to be remembered. For instance, most flooring is oiled by nature. With this in mind, it will be the best to apply a coat of object oil and even buff to it. This must occur right after the installation itself. This must also be the case prior to the utilization of the floor. The surface will be made stronger this way. It will also become heavy duty. In the near future, the owner will no longer have a hard time cleaning the flooring whenever there is a need for it.


Using a soft broom, surface rubble or fragments should be eliminated. This is a way for normal cleaning to take place. Avoid going for iron or steel scrub. Do not think about hard surfaced foam too. There is a Wooden Floor Soap perfect for the removal of usual dirt and stains too. All of these must be owned.

The Timber Flooring Melbourne That Wins Customers

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When you have decided to decorate your residential or commercial property, nothing can meet best timber flooring Melbourne Timber flooring adds on that tint of shine and beauty that you desire having for your home. This type of flooring comes with the crap like appeal and this is what that makes this flooring popular. Looking back to the years earlier, it can be clearly estimated that concrete and other flooring like tiles and marbles were highly popular but with the passage of year, timber flooring took a toll over them and gained prominence.

Deciding the timber variant you would like to proceed with

As you think of proceeding with timber flooring, what you need to do first is determine the type of timber you want to be used for the purpose. Though there are numerous timber variants, but it is recommended to always go with the best one for the same is highly durable. For example, Oak flooring- it is highly favored among people for its rich and elegant appeal which enhance the look of your house. However, it is not necessary to go with the oak flooring only. There are many choices in your list such as black butt, brush box, wormy chestnut, Australian chestnut and more. Taking into concern their advantages and disadvantages, you can decide which type of timber flooring you want to proceed with.

Installation- The biggest step

Of course just deciding the timber is not the end of the task. Now comes to play “Installation of the timber flooring”. It is necessary to place the timber floors properly over existing floors, be it made of particle board, tiles, concrete or any other material. When installing timber floors, you can implement the use of underlays so as to reduce the noise emitted during the process.  You can also try out structural timber floors which is that flooring type which rests over the bearers and beams of your home. However such a flooring task needs professional assistance.  Also this is a big time consuming process.

Deciding the flooring style and patte

As mentioned earlier, you have numerous choices in hand when it comes to timber flooring Melbourne There are specific types meant for offices, schools, houses and other establishments. Experts recommend that you should not settle with a choice just taking into concern the price because after all it is all about the flooring. Keep into concern the durability factor, your preference and style too. There is a number of timber flooring styles such as tongue floors, direct stick and parquetry which are really easy to be installed. However people are mostly found going ahead with the groove floorings and tongue flooring styles as because the same helps in maintaining the floor and keeping it nailed and intact easily. Also directly stick floors too are popular which involves sticking the floor directly on the slab.

Wrapping up

As years are passing and people are becoming more and more conscious about styling their apartments and offices, timber flooring is gaining prominence. You too should not miss out the opportunity of trying out timber flooring but do remember to proceed with the same keeping into concern your style and the existing condition of the interior of your home or office.

Proper Way to Dispose Waste that Will not Harm the Environment

Waste can be considered as one of the most dangerous said that the human kind and possess if this post off in a wrong manner. Waste is basically the term given to the things that are not in use anymore. People can have different kinds of waste at their places. 

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What do most people not have an idea about it how can they actually dispose of the waste in a proper manner? Knowing about this particular thing helps a person in many ways. This is the exact reason why a person should understand the various steps that has a person in disposing of the waste properly without creating much of trouble for the environment. 
Prior To Waste Disposal: 
There are few important things that each and every person should do prior to disposing of the waste. The following are the exact points a person needs to know when it comes to understanding that how they can dispose of the waste in such a manner that it will not harm the environment.
Segregating The Waste: 
This is the very first if any person should take when it comes to disposing of the waste. A person should understand that exactly what kinds of waste are available in order to understand that they can be disposed of correctly. 
This is the exact reason why segregation of the waste is the ultimate necessity the person can find. The following are the various types of waste that each and every one should have an idea about: 
Reusable Waste: These are those ways which may not be needed for that period of time, but this simply doesn’t mean that they cannot be used in future. There are many things like the plastic containers or the butter boxes or various bottles which can be of no use for that particular moment, but then a person can easily use these after proper cleaning in the near future. They can always use bees for storing a different kind of things. Also, they can use this for some kind of decoration. They can also make sure the date and donate these to some companies which actually use these products to make something efficient. 
Compost Waste: This is again one of the most important points that many people forget when it comes to disposing of the waste. The compost waste is such kind of waste that can be actually used if a person has a garden for themselves. Many vegetable skins, instead of getting thrown away can be very easily used in making compost for the plans so that we can get natural fertilizers for themselves and that way they can grow much more nicely.
Non-Usable Waste: This is the third category of waste which cannot be used by any means. People should do make sure that the necessary should separate these waste into wet and dry waste bags and then only dispose of them. Also, the proper case should be taken that these wastes should not contain anything that is made of plastic or glass. 
There are many companies for commercial cleaning Brisbane has. They are extremely good and should be contacted for cleaning of the waste.

Cleaning and waste disposal procedures

Where To Dump Rubbish After An Exit Clean

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Cleaning a house can be one of the most tedious jobs that you can ever endure in your lifetime. The whole process is even more difficult when you need to clean your house, at the time when you are leaving it forever. 
The boxes and the packets may just toil up on you thanks to so many problems that you may face. Yes, cleaning for exit can be one of the biggest challenges that you have to face. However, this is where you have to be clever by inviting the professionals. These professional cleaning crews can help you with all aspects of cleaning. In fact, they can provide an A to Z clearing and cleaning solution; i.e. from cleaning to dumping. 
Not Only About Cleaning Standard​
Because it is not only about cleaning your premises correctly, it is also about dumping the things that you have cleared. Yes, cleaning also involves getting rid of all the rubbish. The cleaning part may be time-consuming and tedious, but the dumping part is even more difficult. 
This is where master professional cleaners who specialize in exit cleans can help you out. They always dump your garbage and rubbish in the right way so that your rubbish does not cause any environmental or natural problem.
Their disposal techniques are very renowned and hence you can rely on them to give you the best cleaning program.
What Do The Professionals Use?
These professionals are very pernickety about cleaning and dumping. They first of all use top quality materials to clean your house. These professional cleaners use environmental friendly things and products when they clean up any house so that the whole dumping process becomes easier.   
They provide help with:
•    Kitchen cleaning
•    Oven cleaning 
•    Vacuuming
•    Dusting 
•    Mopping
•    Window cleaning 
•    Door cleaning 
All of these things are mandatory when you have to prepare yourself for an exit clean. Also, remember these professionals always adhere to all rules when it comes to dumping, legally.
Illegal Dumping:
Illegal dumping is a crime, and you must not do it! Hence, it is always in your best interests to take the help of these professional cleaning experts when it comes to cleaning and dumping. They provide legal dumping provisions so that you never face any problem.
In fact, when they take your rubbish and garbage after a cleanup act, they make that rubbish their own problem. You will not have any a headache over it! 
Besides, illegal dumping is a crime in many countries and places. There are people who can report illegal dumping to the authorities, and you can suffer because of that. Thus, illegal dumping is a strict no in all good societies.
And, thus, during exit cleans, it is always better to use the hands of the professionals to make your work easier. 
So, if you want to clean your house in the most prolific way and dump your garbage and rubbish correctly, then use the help of the experts.


holiday homes sunshine coast is a dream come true experience for most of the travelers. Mooloolaba is a resort township for the tourists in the suburbs of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland of Australia. In the year 1990, Mooloolah River was harbored and fruit and fishing industry started to develop, Thomas O’Connor buy Pettigrew land and developed it to become mooloolaba. Mooloolaba differentiates developing area from the Mooloolah Township. Mooloolaba then become residential and holidaying destination become famous as holiday mooloolaba. By the 1920 population started increasing, since then Holiday mooloolaba has become a desire for tourists. 

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Cottages and houses were lines along the river side for tourists to stay. Boats can be hired for enjoying the sea and fishing is the most enjoyed activity by the tourists here.  The mooloolaba resorts are around 60 miles away from Brisbane. Mooloolaba is surrounded by the Coral Sea, present on the south of the Mooloolah River, on the north present is the Alexander headland and on the west present is the Buderim. Mooloolaba harbor is famous for fishing and large fleets of vessels can be seen here anytime, fishing is the best experience here. Mooloolaba Triathlon and Sydney to mooloolaba yacht race are the two famous sports of mooloolaba. There are four major regions for holiday purpose in mooloolaba: 
MOOLOOLABA – In past 10 years mooloolaba has become one of the top tourist destination of Australia due to its scenic beaches, food and fashion. This place is best for having sea food. Mooloolaba has extensive variety of seafood fare and people from all round the world come here to end these delicacies. It has world class golf course. Greenery In this region is most explored by the tourist and is the major source of tourist attraction after its beaches. Parasailing and paragliding is also enjoyed by the tourist here Holidaying in mooloolaba is a lifetime experience for the tourist and cannot be forgotten easily. All these things make mooloolaba the most desired holidaying destination. 
CALOUNDRA – This region is famous for its beaches, coastal view and Mountain View is superb. Swimming, surfing and snorkel at its bulcock, king and gold beaches is very famous. Boats are all time available exploring the coastal area, water ski is also famous here.
ALEXANDRA HEADLAND – Is also known as ‘ALEX’ is famous for its sandy beaches and culture. Tourists come to worship beaches as it has some super beautiful beaches. ALEX has good resorts and houses facing toward oceans. 
COTTON TREE – It is covered around the Pacific Ocean and the Maroochy River, this island has the pretty watersides and it is present near Noosa national park. It is hottest tourist destination for the swimmers, surf lover and splashers. Few tour destination of mooloolaba are: the ginger factory – for taste of food and educational tours. It has all the tastes of mooloolaba. The Sunshine Castle – it is a historical place in mooloolaba it is awarded and honored for being loved by the tourists. Glass House Mountain – these are the volcanic sites present in the mooloolaba. Dining and accommodation facility is available here. Holiday mooloolaba is the best tourist destination in Australia. Read more: Holidays and travel and Queensland

Local SEO Tips For Promoting Your Business Locally

Local SEO is defined as the strategy to promote websites locally in our example in Brisbane, Australia.

It can be through organic ranking or ranking on search engines such as Yahoo maps, Bing map, and Google places. It is a part of the local business in terms of advertising.

Organizations working online must also implement local SEO strategies in order to enhance their business.

So no matter if you live in north or south Brisbane or whatever suburb around the river city, it’s important you get found on Google for terms relating to your local area. 

Our Brisbane Head Office gets found for SEO Brisbane and you can learn more about Internet marketing & business at various learning institutions in Brisbane

Here are some local SEO tips that you can use to increase traffic, sales and visibility:

Title tags should be appropriate

You get ranked for individual pages by Google, not for the entire site. So, this piece of code is important. Make sure that you include localized SEO information when you are filling out titles on your web page.

Use the right directory and get listed in it.

Use the right directory from which other local search engines, new customers can find your business online. The online directories with high quality are used by the industry to get listed in a better position.  The directories cost money, but money is well spent.

Google+ can be advantageous

Don’t forget to create a page related to your business in Google + and try to be pretty active . Google+ was designed especially for SEO and that is why it maintains the ranking well. Activity on Google+ pages is weighted differently than activity from other social media platforms.

Location pages

For getting top location and higher ranking in your business, you need to make some location pages mainly geo-targeted. For a specific location and time, your business will flourish well there. On the pages, add an actual location both where you specify the title and the URL.You can also use city name on the page at a time. It will be best if you build one location page for the areas where you want to target mainly.

More Information on the internet

As it is common on local optimization that they get information on other sites, ensure that all the information listed there are correct. If you notice that something is misleading, you can scan and go to the source and arrange them before it reaches on local sites.

Ensure you get reviews

Reviews are the major part of the business. Reviews whether it is bad or good, it will help you to make your business more credible. You can do it through email conversations, invoices, and forums to post something that you love to hear from your customers to give a review of your business.

Ensure that you are reachable

Post your local number to your website to ensure that your users and future customers can easily contact you anytime. Ensure them that you are reachable on local numbers.

Upload photos of your business

Upload your business photo to your website, that users or visitors can see your business.  Choose the best photo that will represent your website as the first impression lasts. Make a good impact through the photo that you have uploaded.

Treat your customers with delight

You need to treat your visitors and leads with a delighting online and offline customer service. So ensure your conduct happy to attain good feedbacks and reviews.

SEO experts will put all these on local directories and Google places to attain higher local keyword rankings and to increase your website visibility locally at the same time.

3 Tips For Any Waste Removal Company To Get Their SEO Right & Get Found in Google

Today we decided to write a great little article about you people who are suppliers of waste removal around Australia. The reason for this is that the Waste Authority around Australia don’t really cover this kind of stuff on their website so we thought we’d talk a little more how you can grow your business and SEO and online marketing is a great place to start.

OK so let’ get into it.

What you need to know and what you need to remember is that everyone is going to the Internet these days if they need a problem solved.

People go to Google and they will type into the search engines what they are after and then they will choose the first company that comes up.

So what is important to remember is that you need to get what is called SEO search engine optimisation right. 

There are several companies around Australia who can help you with SEO, a great company many waste removals in Queensland on the sunshine coast has been using is called Websites That Sell and they provide SEO on the Sunshine Coast

Ok so that is a great resource and service provider who service all of Australia. 

But for those who want to learn a little more first. let’s dive into how you can best do SEO on your waste removal company website.

What we want to discuss in this article is how you can get found with your website, so in the next few paragraphs we will discussed how you can optimise your website, how you can get found not only around the Internet when people typed in your company name, but also around the services you provide and your location. 


So number one first thing you need to get right is your on-site optimisation.

What this means is that let’s say you are a Skip Bin hire company in Adelaide.

Everything about your website should be around skip bins adelaide and skip bin hire or even skip removal companies in Adelaide. 

So everything around your website should revolve around those words because that is what people are searching for.

Now when you do this it makes your website relevant to these words.

Now to make this happen and make your website relevant you can place your keyword i your title tag, into your H1 header tag and also sprinkle it throughout your content.

Number two – This is an advanced strategy.

What you can do is create specific landing pages around your services in the suburbs that you service.

So what this means is that not just can you optimising you website around Skips and Adelaide, you can also optimise your website around other suburbs or other services areas that you have.

So for example you could go “skip bins in another suburb” “skipping in another suburb” and “skip bins in another suburb” and on and on like that.

So you don’t want to restrict yourself to just the one suburb that you service.

You can create different landing pages to tall kinds of different suburbs you service. 

The third strategy that you will want to employ is content syndication.

So you want to create different kinds of content on your website so that people when they get on there actually see what it is you do.

So your website is not just the one-page about a skip solutions. 

You need to talk about all your services you provide.

Or talk about here’s why we’re so much different.

You can add some frequently asked questions and any connection to take this a step further and write quality content on a monthly basis.

You can cover things like case studies on jobs you’ve completed. You can cover a news event if you have a new service that you are releasing.

So you can talk about a range of things in you blog posts anything to do with your business really – then post these to your website and you have fresh new content on a weekly basis going to your website.

All these are just a few simple strategies for any kind of commercial waste removal company around Australia.

You can employ these on your website to get found and to get more business.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and we look forward to seeing you back on this website soon as we cover more and more ways you can grow and build your waste removal business.